Hello, I'm Jennifer Myers Chua. As a design director and creative problem solver I support organizations driving positive change.

I'm Jennifer, a versatile creative based in Toronto, Canada. What truly ignites my passion for design is the opportunity to tackle real-world challenges head-on, craft innovative solutions, tell compelling stories, and prioritize the user experience. I firmly believe happy users are the key to successful outcomes.

I've worn many hats throughout my career - entrepreneur, art director, leader, designer, creative strategist, content creator, photography director, podcaster, and storyteller. This diverse experience has given me a unique ability to navigate and solve even the most complex problems from multiple angles. I'm tenacious, resourceful, innovative, and highly adaptable.

My areas of expertise span creative problem-solving, web & graphic design, art direction, and podcasting. I leverage these skills, along with technologies like generative AI, to assist individuals and organizations dedicated to addressing pressing issues like climate change and social good. Whether it's auditing and prototyping new ideas, managing creative teams, developing new assets, or executing comprehensive web design and content strategy - I offer true end-to-end creative services.

I'm open to opportunities to collaborate on exciting, meaningful projects where I can contribute to positive change through design thinking and innovative solutions.

📍Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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